Saffron, Eggs and Almond Milk


Middelaldermenneskets kogebog.

Forfattere: Mervi Pasanen, Sara Niron og Nanna Tuovinen

Forlag: Salakirjat

Sprog: Engelsk

Antal sider: 107

Denne fantastiske kogebog inddeholder opskrifter på lækre salater, supper og søde desserter fra Middelalderen.

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"Add a pinch of saffron" is a quote you often find in medieval recipes. But how much is a pinch - more than a smidgen, less than a dash? Traditionally, a pinch is the amount you can take between three fingertips: thumb, index finger and middle finger.

This is a cookbook by experienced amateur medievalists for anyone who wants to have a bite of history. And maybe even more bites? By trying out the recipes yourself you will see the food in the Middle Ages was well prepared and savoury, sometimes surprising when it comes to taste or ways of preparation. The divine cheese and egg soup is a dish that will not wait for the diner - the diner waits for the soup. Pie of Paris has meat cooked in red wine and broth.

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